specific jazz audition material:

It isn’t required, but we’d love to see and hear you ahead of time. Please send us a Youtube link or a link to your website or Soundcloud where we can see what you’re up to. If you send it far enough in advance, we can even have your potential studio professor give you some feedback. Send us an email, tell us about yourself and include links to YouTube, Soundcloud or your own website. Use this link to send it to us.

Your Audition Will Consist of:

Prepare three pieces of your own choosing that you feel best exemplifies your talent. Choose contrasting pieces from the standard modern jazz canon of tunes. You will be required to perform the "head" or main melody and then to improvise. We're looking for loads of jazz vocabulary as well as a stellar swinging time feel–so work up your best stuff and blow us away!

You will perform your pieces with three members of our wonderful faculty rhythm section (Eric Gunnison, Ken Walker and Mike Marlier) when you play your audition music for us. These guys know every tune in the world, but bring a lead sheet in concert pitch just in case. Just tell them the title and the key and show us your best work!

These audition requirements are the same for all instruments including vocal. It is preferable that you audition in person on campus so that you can see the full range of opportunities that we offer. But if you simply can’t make the trip, let us know and we can arrange for a “taped” audition.

If you're interested in jazz composition and arranging:

You are required to audition in the same manner that is listed above (instrumental or voice) but we would also like the following from you:

1. A Youtube or Soundcloud of some of your best compositions and/or arrangements to date.


2. PDFs of two contrasting scores. Send links and PDFs to Dave Hanson.